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 Player Configs

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PostSubject: Player Configs   Wed May 13, 2009 9:28 pm

*Beginner's Guide To Player Configs*

This guide 
is for
- Players who don't know how to get, use or 
make a config and are interested in seeing what the fuss is 

What are the benefits of having your 
own config?
- You can fully customise your 
- You don't have to go through the options 
to change settings.
- You don't need to keep 
binding keys, it stores them.
- Forget binding, 
configs open up a door to a world of scripting.

Is using a config 'cheating' or 'unfair' ?
- Thats up to you, don't use it if you dont want 
- Other people use them so your just staying 
in competition by using one.
- Its all a part of 
the world inside the game. (oh boy the matrix!)


Creating your .cfg file

The only thing we'll be using to make our config is 

Open notepad.

Save the file as yourname.cfg into your 
wolfenstein etmain folder. "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy 

It's very important you 
remember to save your file with the .cfg extension. This saves 
it as a configiration file instead of a
.txt file 
that notepad would normally save as.

You save 
the file in "etmain" because you will be able to load the config from any mod 
you are playing as long as it is in the "etmain" 

How to load your config 

To start your config ingame 
you will need to open the console. The key to open the console may be ` under 
ESC or ~.

When you've opened it up you need to 
enter the command


You don't need to put the 
extension (.cfg) when doing this but it's better to get into the habit of doing 

The 'exec' command just executes (starts) 
the file that follows.

This command will look 
in your 'etmain' folder for the file and load the commands and variables that 
are inside it.

There is a way to do this so 
that it loads with the game but we're doing it this way for 

It won't actually do anything to the game 
at the moment, because the file is empty.

Customising the config

empty config is no use so we need to add some stuff in.

Lets start with something simple and basic, we're going to make it 
so that when you load your config a little message appears on the screen saying 
it has loaded. Type onto the top line:

^1Config Loaded!

Save it. Now when you load 
your config up in game it's going to look through the file you made. It will 
read the 'echo' command and carry it out. It only reads the config file once so 
it will only say it once each time you load it.

Now lets get down to something a bit more 

To set the sensitivity of your mouse 
in your config:

Go down onto a new line from 
your echo command. (You can't have two commands on the same line without using a 

Type in

seta cg_sensitivity 2

'cg_sensitivity' is a variable that is just for setting the 
sensitivity. '2' is the value of the sensitivity variable and you need to change 
that to the sensitivity you want to use. 'seta' is a command that sets the 

Now when you load your config ingame 
it will set your sensitivity. Although your sensitivity should be the same as it 
usually is everytime you play.

Lets try using 
our config to select the crosshair we like to use.

On a new line type

cg_drawcrosshair "5"


Replace 5 with the 
number that suits you.
1 - Default 
2 - Smaller default 
3 - Circle with dot
4 - Transparent circle with dot
5 - 
Small dot
6 - Crosshair with circle and 

The list goes on so you'll have 
to find out which one you want to use.

when you load up your .cfg file it will set the crosshair you 

You can use your config to tweak many 
settings like graphics, sounds your hud display and many other things. Here are 
a few common ones you might find useful:

seta r_gamma "2" - This will increase your screen 
brightness only while playing ET so you can see on those dark maps. Default is 

seta com_maxfps "90" - This will 
cap your frames per second at a certain value, a stable fps is best and 90 is a 
good value for low computers. 125 is the next step up.

seta r_mapoverbrightbits "2" - Helps you see in shadowed 

seta cg_atmosphericeffects "0" - 
Turns rain and snow off, improves fps slightly.


Okay your probably 
sick of that by now and are wondering why the hell you'd want a config. Lets do 
something a little bit more advanced and flashy and useful. A name toggle 

We're going to use a simple 1 button 
version of this script.

Type this into your 

bind F4 vstr 
set name vstr 
set name1 "seta name putanamehere; 
set name vstr name2"
set name2 "seta name 
putanamehere; set name vstr name3"
name3 "seta name putanamehere; set name vstr name1"

This might look a little complicated at first but it's actually 
quite simple.
What is happening is when you press 
F4 it runs a vstr. A vstr is something that runs a script inside a variable sort 
of. The vstr called 'name' is running another vstr called 'name1', and this 
loads the 3rd line which sets your player name but then changes the vstr 'name' 
to run 'name2' instead of 'name1' which will give another player name. This all 
loops round in a circle so each time you press F4 you will get the next name. 
The ; just lets you run a series of commands on the same 


You can put binds in your 
config on their own seperate lines. (you don't need the /) This guide barely 
scratches the surface of what a config can do but hopefully you will be a little 
bit understanding of what a config is and may start to create your own over 

Here is an example of a full 
config I made, it only has a few smaller configs running off it but its mostly 
all in one piece. Please do not steal it, or copy it. If you need help I will 
help but don't steal. Other peoples configs won't turn you into the best 

ET configs is a good resource site for 
this sort of stuff:

mess with variables that you don't know


Art is not about showing off but to express with a touch of verviness
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Player Configs
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