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 Colours ingame

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PostSubject: Colours ingame   Wed May 13, 2009 9:00 pm

1. Use these symbols when typing in your nickname:

* Add a ^ and follow that with a number or letter or symbol in front of the text you want to change.
* Each number from 0 to 9 is a different color. ^0 = Black, ^1 = Red, ^2 = Green, ^3 = Yellow, ^4 = Blue, ^5 = Light Blue, ^6 = Violet, ^7 = White, ^8 = Orange, ^9 = Grey. Or you can add a ^ followed by letters eg ^a ^b ^c ^d ^e ^f etc.
* If you want to use a ^ in your name, you need to follow it directly by another ^. i.e. For Wolf^Player, you would have to have Wolf^^Player.

2. Remember that colored names that are the same as each other will kick the fake one.

3. You must remember though that not all servers colours are the same like for example ^6 this maybe red in one server but it may be different on another server, so it is a good idea to ask the people with colour on their name as it may not come out how you want it.


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Colours ingame
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