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 Guidelines For The Server

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Admin Abuse Squad Leader
Admin Abuse Squad Leader

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PostSubject: Guidelines For The Server   Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:56 am

Please could all AAS and high admin members go by these guidelines (roughly) when on the [t2x]Public server:

swearing/displeasing/disrespect/annoying other players #1 = 5 minute mute + warning for kick

swearingdispleasing/disrespect/annoying other players #2 = kick (reason:) no swearing/displeasing/disrespect/annoying other players

swearing #3 = ban for 1 day (reason:) no swearing/displeasing/disrespect/annoying other players

walljumping #1 = gib + warning for kick

walljumping #2 = kick (reason:) no walljumping

walljumping #3 = ban for 1 day (reason:) no walljumping

admin abuse #1 = 5 minute mute + warning of demotion

admin abuse #2 = kick (reason:) no admin abuse

admin abuse #3 = demotion by one level

beg for level #1 (if not entitled) = warning

beg for level #1 (if not entitled) = 5 minute mute

beg for level #1 (if not entitled) = demotion by one level

hack/wallhack/bot/aimbot #1 = kick (reason:) no hack/wallhack/bot/aimbot

hack/wallhack/bot/aimbot #2 = permanent ban

double clanning = immediate permanent ban from all servers

Please try your best to follow these guidelines as much as possible


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Guidelines For The Server
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