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 |t2x| Clan Rules

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PostSubject: |t2x| Clan Rules   Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:58 pm

|Twisted 2 Xtreme Clan rules|


If you see someone abusing on our clan servers you MUST get a screenshot or another form of proof e.g video you
CANNOT put a post on admin abuse by saying someone is abusing without that sort of proof.
Admins if you see someone abusing on a server , report him and demote him to level 4 immediately.

If you see a member of the clan spawnkilling post a video or screenshot of it on the forums general talk or admin abuse
If your an admin , and you see this:
4!Ban 30m (1800seconds)
5,If you see the same person the same day , ban permanently and post on general talk.

If you see a member/pubber botting or hacking (commonly known as wallhack and aimbot)
firstly , video the hack/bot and watch it on ET with r_shownormal 2 then give high admins
a link to the video e.g on xfire or where you uploaded it.
For a pubber who is botting /hacking
1.Warn in personal message (pm) telling them to turn it off.
2.Kick player
3.If they come back and bot ban 30 minutes (!ban 1800)
4.If you see same person botting same day ban permanent or 9999999

Admin level asking:
If a member asks for higher admin level , tell them to stop , if they ask again
Demote 1 level , if they ask for level back demote them 1 more level.
If a pubber asks for level see what their XP is , 1000xp = level 1 2000xp level 2 , up to level 5

If you dont like someone within the clan , Ignore/Avoid them or make friends with them if you can
im not having my members having stupid hissy fits and arguments over the smallest thing. So be warned
At the first hint of argueing , both members will be banned from forum for 1 day.

Double Clanning:
If you see a member of our clan using other tags from another clan , report it immediately WITH
proof i wont accept anything without proof.

Other languages:
If you see a member/pubber speaking in any other language than english , (IN PUBLIC OR TEAM CHAT)
then warn them and tell them to use english , if you know of the language they are speaking , warn them
in that language to speak english , or to speak their language with a personal message (m/)
2.Mute (1 min)
4.ban 90m(5400s)(!ban |name| 5400)

There seems to be so many players who thinks it is 'cool' to disrupt oasis and supply depot2 and fueldump , by
walljumping and planting without doing the objective properly , if u catch a walljumper
3.Ban (5400)
4.Ban perma/9999999999

People are probably wondering how the tags work so here is an explanation..
People CANNOT wear any colors.
They MUST wear the color of there server , e.g |t2x|Acid and they may wear one
colored letter in the name , the color cam be any they want.


Editable only by Ac!d
Made by Ac!d
No Ac!d didnt copy any clans rules
Yes Ac!d is entirely original.


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|t2x| Clan Rules
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